Linebreeding - 5 generations

5 - 5... Julchen vom Moncheberg

Sch H3 | KKl 1 | HD-ED- a normal | D.O.B : 10.26.06

Koer Report: Herr Hans Joachim Dux.

Big, strong and substantial, very well proportioned, dry & firm, very good pigmentation, very good type and expression, strong masculine head. High wither, straight back, very good length &  angle of croup, very good length & angle of upper arm & shoulder blade. The well muscled hind quarters are very well angulated, balanced brisket proportions. With a correct front, correct coming & going he demonstrates a wide outreaching gait with effective hind thrust & a free front reach.

Jaeger’ Sire: VA Xab Aus Agrigento

Jaeger’s Dam: V Zeka vom Hühnegrab

V1 Malibu 2010- Joachim Dux

VA10 NASS 2009- H Ludger Goeke

V1 San Diego- Klaus Goethe

V1 San Diego- Johann Mayer

SG1 2008 NASS- L. Schweikert

SG1 2008 Malibu- Joachim Dux
SG1 San Diego- 2008 K.Goethe

SG1 Acton- 2008 J Stiegler


SZ: 0017985

AKC: DN 17035901

DOB: October 26, 2005

Title: SchH 3

Hips: "a" normal

Elbows: normal

Breed Survey: KKl 1 Life

HD ZW Score: 74


(Left) Jaeger’s Head Shot; (Right) Jaeger at the O.G. Agua Dulce Club Show leading the class with Yvonne.

Jaeger has just recently started his career as a stud dog which we anticipate to be a very illustrious one, judging from his first progenies. The pictures of puppies displayed here are puppies that originate from his first few litters coming from different mother lines. The puppies are very typical of him and he stamps his evident bone strength, biddable and outgoing temperament, exemplary type and the fantastic color and pigment on the pups.They are already making a mark in the shows they are presented in by winning their respective classes.

Jaeger is an excellent son of VA(China)Xab Aus Agrigento and V Zeka vom Huhnegrab. Jaeger originates from a top litter, with his sister placing SG56 in the BSZS.

His sire Xab is a beautiful son of VA1 Zamp Thermodos and the top producing female Gwendy Vallendarer hoehe.  Gwendy has been dam to among others, VA5 (USA) New Agrigento, V15 Roxi de Intercanina and SG11 Gwendy Agrigento.

Zeka is the daughter to the double world Sieger VA1 Yasko Farbenspiel and also the daughter to VA4 Betty Huhnegrab. Betty is essentially over Zamb Wienerau who features very heavily in her first five generations and she has gone to produce some top litters which featured some very beautiful dogs like SG2 Yenno Huhnegrab, V1 Yonna Huhnegrab, SG11 Intessa Huhnegrab, Medi Huhnegrab (dam to SG22 Igel huhnegrab & SG10 Iman Huhnegrab), SG16 Montania Huhnegrab, Mentos huhnegrab (sire of V14 Astana Alfons) etc.

Zeka herself comes from a top litter with her sister Zena going V2 in the BSZS.

Hence, it would be fair to deduce that Jaeger excellent anatomy, workability and the ability to produce is not some happy accident, but actually a very carefully planned breeding which has been bred for consistency in quality and workability over several generations.

This little female was no exception. She was very well constructed, with beautiful color and lovely bone strength. Her movement was very harmonious for her age and she displayed good firmness and a very pleasing father type.

(Bottom) Exemplifications of Jaeger’s excellent and typical progenies from different mothers coming over different bloodlines, showing off the evident stamp that Jaeger leaves on his puppies, that are so unmistakably Jaeger!

VA Jaeger vom Haus Munsinger Dunn