Sch H1 | Bh Ad | HD-ED- a normal | D.O.B : 12.25.00

V Vina von der Orangerie

Panja von den Zwillingskirchen


HD a-normal (a1)

VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel


HD a-normal (a1)

Linebreeding - 5 generations

5,5,5 - 4 ... in Odin Tannenmeise

(4-) - ... Zamb Wienerau

(-3) - * ... Zigo Wienerau

(5-)- ... Quana Arminius

(-5,5)* ... Quando Arminius

Sch H2 | KKL1 | HD-ED- a normal | D.O.B : 08.29.99

V Janka von der Herdersfarm

Resi vom Wildstieger land


HD a-noch Zuel. (a3)

VA1 Rikkor Bad-Boll


HD a-normal (a1)

Linebreeding - 5 generations

3-3 ... in VA Yago Wildstieger Land

4-4, 5 ... in Quina Arminius

4, 5-5 ... in VA Fedor Arminius

5-4, 5 ... in VA1Uran Wildstieger Land

5-5, 5 ... in Palme Wildstieger Land

(4-4. 5) - ... in *Quina Arminius

(5-)* ... in VA1 Quando Arminius

Sch H2 | KKL1 | HD-ED- a normal | D.O.B : 09.14.00

V Isis von Lederanien

Linebreeding - 5 generations

4 - 3 ... in VA1 Zamb Wienerau

5, 5, 5- 4 ... in VA Odin Tannenmeise

5 - 4 ... in VA4 Mark Haus Beck

(5-) -  ... in *Quana Arminius

(-5),  ... in VA1 Quando Arminius

(-5)* ... in Quina Arminius

Fiene Lederanien


HD a-noch Zuel. (a3)

Vito von der Noriswand


HD a-normal (a1)

Sch H2 | KKL1 | HD-ED- a normal | D.O.B : 08.29.99

V Siwa von Aurelius

Linebreeding - 5 generations

4-5 ... in VA1 Uran Wildstieger Land

5-4 ... in VA Fedor Arminius

5-4 ... in VA Odin Tannenmeise

(5-) - ... in *Quina Arminius

(-5), ... in Quino Arminius

(-5,5)* ... in VA1 Quando Arminius

Lily Aurelius


HD a-fast normal (a2)

Pascha Jahnhoehe


HD a-normal (a1)

Sch H1 | KKL1 | HD-ED- a normal | D.O.B : 30.09.01

V Una von Waterloo

Uptown’s Fitness


HD a- Ausland (a6)


Wallace aus Agrigento


HD a-normal (a1)

Linebreeding - 5 generations

5-5, 4-5 ... in VA1 Uran Wildstieger Land

5-4 ... in VA1 Quando Arminius

(5 -) , ... in *Quina Arminius

(5 -) - ... in VA1 Quando Arminius

(- 4) , ... in Quana Arminius

(- 4)* ... in VA1 Quando Arminius

We also try to help others in selecting German Shepherd Companions, and in supporting their breeding programs by advising them on the selection of their Breeding Dogs.  Hans and Kathy Buflod of Vom Buflod Shepherds, in Ohio, are another example of friends working together on behalf of our Breed. Thank you for visiting our website.

The history of Vom Haus Munsinger Dunn is a gathering  or trusted friends, and of the combination of many talents.

 Leon Luscz of Der Hundeplatz  was a friend, teacher and Master Trainer in California. Leon and Alethea Munsinger met in California when she was trying to educate herself, and evaluate her personal Shepherd, Aidan Haus Juris, who started her passion for German Shepherd Dogs. Megan Judge, of Haus Juris, and Lisa Jacquin, Silver Medal Olympian in the world of Horses, and the daughter of an old family friend, helped me select Aidan in the year 2000.

Leon and Alethea decided to join forces and develop a breeding program that would be respected and recognized as following the standards set by Germany for their dog. Leon’s well established Kennel Von Der Lowenmahne , and new one, formed by Alethea Munsinger, and her Friend in Arizona, Paula Dunn became registered as Vom Haus MunsingerDunn. Paula brought experience in whelping and training, and great love of Shepherds, and developed the facilities for the original Munsinger Dunn program, whelping several of the first litters.

Alethea & Aidan

(L to R) Roland Wulf, Alethea & Leon with V1 Gliko Holtkaemper See

Thus, the alternating use of the Von Der Lowenmahne name and the Vom Haus name for the litters.

Our Foundation females were selected by Leon and Alethea, with many experienced breeders, friends of Leon, guiding the selection. Without those friends, such as Roland Gaertner of Zwinger vom Anger, and Roland Wulf and many others, none of achievements would have been possible.

The rest of the story is told on the web pages with Foundation Dogs, Friends and their websites, Training Clubs, first Deutscher Schaferhunde Club, San Diego, founded by Leon Luszcz and then Southwest Diamondback Schaferhunde club formed by Alethea and team members, Paula Dunn, Randy Smalley, Kathy Zmudzinski of Scales Arizona, and J.J Belcher. 

We are fortunate to have continued with trusted friends as co-owners, or owners of our dogs. These friends include Michael Kempkes (OG Agua Dulce, California) and Wolfgang Leder, in Germany.

Our friends also continue to help us train and title our progeny and assist us in our Club Events, including the selection of S.V. Judges for those Events. Vom Haus remains focused on breeding the very best German Shepherds, and in doing it as a Hobby and Sport, without any financial gain in its objectives.

(L2R) Isis as a puppy, Glicko hanging out in the Escalade & Glicko; a Head Shot.

Isis with her brother in Germany.

Wallace Aus Agrigento, one of the top studs in Germany we have used.

Whisky vom Bierstradter Hof, another top German stud dog we used to enhance our breeding program.

Glicko vom Holtkaemper See in 2003

DSC San Diego LOGO

VA1 Zamp Thermodos- We have used two of his world class sons; Namely- VA Negus vom Holtkaemper See & VA Xab Agrigento.

One of our Advertisements for the VA Yak Frankengold and the Va1 Yasko farbenspiel daughter Zeka.

Our ad for the Gliko and Janka Litter.

Underneath, we proudly showcase our historical brood and show females which were the start of it all, Please take a look at them and also at their dedicated pages on the foundation dogs page.