Principal Alethea Caldwell Munsinger brings her passion and dedication to the German Shepherd breed, training and handling expertise as well as broad business experience to the vom Haus Munsinger enterprise.

Alethea Caldwell Munsinger has 30 years' executive management experience in the health industry and also worked to establish several privately funded start-up businesses. She is also a member of Deutscher Schaferhund Club - San Diego and president of Southwest Diamondback in Arizona.

Kathy Zmudzinski and Stacy Speer are owners of Scales Arizona. They strongly believe in breeding the total German Shepherd Dog. Their breeding and training covers the beauty and many talents of the German Shepherd to include; Conformation, Temperament, and Obedience. More info at ScalesAz website.

Stacy Speer, Kathy Zmudzinski and Cyane vom Haus Munsinger of Scales Arizona

Alethea Caldwell Munsingerand Aidan Haus Juris

Vom Buflod, is owned and operated by Hans and Kathy Buflod. They proudly offer the best in German Shepherds. Visit their website by clicking here:

Vom Buflod is a wonderful source for breeding and importing top quality German Shepherds.

Lion vom Anger

Leon Luszcz, born in Frankfurt, Germany, has been actively involved in training and handling dogs for police service and top-level Schutzhund competition since 1977. Now based in Southern California, he continues to provide top-level training for dogs used in law enforcement as well as sport and competition. For more information about Leon and training visit the Der Hundeplatz website.

Leon Luszcz and Alice von der Rochele-Ranch

Vom Napa Weinberg is a small, selective breeding kennel for elite West German show lines, with equally strong working abilities.