Linebreeding - 5 generations

5 - 5... in V Hexe von der Römerau

5 - 5... in VA1 Jeck vom Noricum

5 - 5... in VA1 Jello von der Wienerau

4 - 4... in V6 Hanno von der Wienerau


Sch H3 | KKl 1 | HD-ED- a normal | D.O.B : 07.02.04

Bo’s Sire: VA Yak vom Frankengold


SZ: 2138705

DOB: February 07, 2004

Title: SchH 3

Hips: "a" normal

Elbows: normal

Breed Survey: KKl 1 Life


*NOTE : V Bo vom Freese - Land is owned by Kathy Zmudzinski and Stacy Speers.

Koer Report (Leonard Schweikert)

Medium size, strong very good type and expression, correct anatomy, dry and firm, high withers, very good top line and under line, good lay of the croup which could be a little longer, correct angulation in the front and rear, pronounced brisket proportions, straight front. The dog moves straight coming and going with free front reach and effective hind thrust. Pronounced, lets out.

Breeding Recommendations: He is recommended to improve pigment, bone strength, to improve the dryness and firmness and also recommended to improve the angulations.

Bo’s bite work

V Bo vom Freese- Land