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Our Standards

Vom Haus Munsinger - was founded out of love for the ideal German Shepherd-- a versatile animal able to track, protect, herd and live as a true and trusted companion among children and other pets. We have the following goals on behalf of our dogs and clients.--

• To selectively breed the highest quality German confirmation and working bloodlines

• To partner with others to supplement and improve our methods

• To maintain long-term client relationships to effect the breed's improvement as a companion dog

In addition

• We own, train, breed and live with Shepherds.

• We strive to enhance the breed by importing and continuing the top West German conformation and working bloodlines.

• We breed according to the standards established by both--

(SV) EV Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde

Federation Cynologique Internationale--FCI

Breed Surveys

(SV) EV Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde sets the standard for the German Shepherd breed in its original breeding of a working dog. To promote and serve as a planning organization for the breed, they use a tool called the breed survey.

The Breed Survey is a detailed analysis and description of an individual dog performed by a Koermeister or Breed Survey master. A Koermeister critiques each part of the dog including height, weight, circumference and depth of chest, eye and nail color, length and position of croup, teeth, pasterns, and front and rear movement. This report also includes an analysis of the dog's temperament or character relating to the displays of self-confidence, reaction to situations such as gunshot, reaction to stressful situations, suitability for protection work and ability to stop or release on command.

The conclusion if the SV survey also recommends specific breeding issues and special qualities of the dog. The survey classes each dog as recommended for breeding, suitable for breeding or unsuitable for breeding. Before a dog can be surveyed it must pass the following eligibility requirements.

• Be at least two years old

• Have hips clear of dysplasia by a recognized body (OFA; SV)

• Have a minimum Schutzhund 1 degree

• Have passed an endurance test under a recognized body

• Have a minimum of a "Good" show rating under SV rules

• Dogs must be Breed Surveyed twice in their life to maintain their Breed Survey Status-• first for a period of two years and second for life in the original year the survey expires.

In Germany, only puppies born to parents who are breed surveyed receive pink registration papers. If one or both parents are not breed surveyed, then puppies receive white registration papers which are generally less desirable by those people involved in breeding, showing, training, and working shepherds.


Puppy Training and Conditioning

Early puppy evaluation and socialization are critical for proper development. We utilize many different techniques to ensure this outcome including determining at an early age the puppy's character or suitability for future occupation, for example as a pet/companion or serious police work.

We adapt our evaluations from may sources including: Volhards The Puppy Aptitude Test which reliably measures dominance versus submission, independence versus social attraction and working potential; Donovan's work on the components of a strong working dog temperament which describes five instincts and core components of working dogs; Piantadosi-Ward on raising working dogs which gives many practical examples of evaluating working dogs for tracking, police, search and rescue as well as utility work. These evaluation tools are discussed with new puppy owners in order to match the best temperament and character to the potential role in family or work environment.

We feel it is important to emphasize that our puppies are whelped and raised in a home environment. We maintain a minimal number of dogs at one time to allow for more specialized attention. Puppies are stimulated, handled and socialized beginning at three weeks of age. In addition, special focus is placed on introducing them to many different situations in a supportive, positive manner.

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As part of our desire to maintain an on going relationship with our owners, we offer Schutzhund training and titleing and behavioral problem solving.

We believe that training and living with dogs is all about communication, boundaries, and consistent behavior-- consistent communication with your dog will result in consistent response.

We believe all dogs want to do well and learn best with positive reinforcement and consequence to the wrong behavior.

We believe that timing and the magnitude of both positive and negative reinforcement is critical and represents the area where most people have problems. In most cases, training needs to be tailored to the dog.

We also believe the behaviorist theory that dogs are pack animals and most of their knowledge and base behavior comes from that beginning. Different breeds of dogs have different abilities, skills and tendencies which affect their training. It is also important to understand that past behaviors and situations may influence the success of training.

Partner Leon Luszcz has been training for service work and Schutzhund competition for over 25 years. He is available for private training sessions for sport, competition, and certification. We also offer on-going puppy training, obedience and problem behavior advice. Leon will help clients select and import adult dogs for personal protection, service, or companions.

Alethea with Aidan Haus Juris

(Above: Pictures of one of our super stars VA1 Exi av Thorarinn: Head shot and on the move - in the fast gait.)

Principal Alethea Caldwell Munsinger brings her passion and dedication to the German Shepherd breed, training and handling expertise as well as broad business experience to the vom Haus Munsinger enterprise.

Alethea Caldwell Munsinger has 30 years' executive management experience in the health industry and also worked to establish several privately funded start-up businesses. She is also a member of Deutscher Schaferhund Club - San Diego and president of Southwest Diamondback in Arizona.